About Us
Care Point Clinic is the first General Medical Clinic located at Mafraq Workers City 1, Baniyas, Abudhabi.

Established in 2017, Care Point Clinic is having a visionary outlook in providing the best patient care by optimizing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation under one roof. Since conception, Care Point Clinic has maintained its position as a center of excellence by only employing the highest caliber staff with extensive experience in their fields.

Our Clinic is a General Medicine Clinic with a capacity for 3 GP Doctors, currently employing 2 GP doctors of Multi Ethnicity to cadre and provides service to multi ethnic people.

Care Point Clinic is located at Al Jaber Camp Complex which has a total population of 28000 people, majority being the staffs of Al Jaber companies various divisions, also consist of other major company staff accommodations as well.

Our Specialities

General Medicine & General Practice

Insurances Accepted

  • Daman Insurance
  • ADNIC Insurance
  • Pentacare Insurance
  • Al Khazna Insurance
  • Al Madallah Insurance